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D-Link Response to KRACK Vulnerability

On Oct 16th, the press reported the "KRACK" vulnerability that potentially affects every Wi-Fi enabled device that uses WPA/WPA2 security encryption.

The KRACK vulnerability is targeting Wi-Fi 'clients' (such as mobile phones, computers, tablets etc) and does not specifically attack Routers or Access Points.
A Router or Access Point will only be affected if running in "AP Client mode" - this mode is not enabled in D-Link routers by default and very rarely used in D-Link Access Points.

Since this vulnerability involves the core of the WPA/WPA2 operation, D-Link are working closely with, and awaiting updates from, Wi-Fi chipset manufacturers. Once they release updated code, we will incorporate this into new firmware for various devices that may be affected. To reiterate, it is critical to apply security patches to clients (computers, phones, tablets). Even after D-Link updates our own products, clients will remain exposed to this attack, unless they are patched with their own security updates to resolve this exploit.

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