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D-Link Dynamic DNS (dlinkddns) Discontinued Service Notice

The D-Link Dynamic DNS (dlinkddns.com) service terminated on July 2nd, 2020.
This, unfortunately, means that any DNS hosts that you may be using will cease from this date.

What does this mean for you?

If you are currently using or plan to use the D-Link Dynamic DNS service, we recommend the use of another provider in order to avoid potential issues and service interruption that may occur.

For clarity, the Dynamic DNS feature of your device(s) remains functional. You may still set up Dynamic DNS utilising an alternative provider via the D-Link setup WebGUI. However, if you still find dlinkddns.com as one of the options for a Dynamic DNS server during set up, please kindly be informed that this option will not function once the service is discontinued.

All other services will continue as normal.

D-Link apologises for the disruption this has caused and to ease your transition, has negotiated with Oracle Dyn to offer existing customers 50% discount off on their one year Dynamic DNS Pro service. You can claim this offer by clicking on the link below and registering directly on the Oracle Dyn DDNS portal.

Get 50% off DynDNS here (link below)

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