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Download direct: ftp://files.dlink.com.au/products/DSL-G604T-GenII/REV_C/Firmware
READ ME - Firmware Upgrade.txt (5.7 KB)Download
Release Notes.txt (1.1 KB)Download
Firmware V3.02B01T01.AU-A.20080827 EXE
Firmware V3.02B01T01.AU-A.20080827 EXE.zip (4.39 MB)Download
Firmware V3.02B01T01.AU.20091223 WEB
DLinkAU DSL-G604T singleimage kernel fs V3.02B01T01.AU.20091223 (2.87 MB)Download
Other Documents
No Drivers Required.pdf (16.73 KB)Download
DSL-G604T GenII Manual v1.11.pdf (5.74 MB)Download
DSL-G604T C3 QIG v2.00.pdf (145.11 KB)Download
DSL-G604T Click n Connect 1.01.pdf (1.12 MB)Download
DSL-G604T screenshots 3.02B01T01.AU-A.20061222.pdf (2.88 MB)Download
Advanced Filters Setup in DSL-G604T.pdf (1.52 MB)Download
How do I access my modems configuration pages.pdf (633.65 KB)Download
How do I change ADSL Username or Password settings in my modem.pdf (618.36 KB)Download
How do I change my Wi-Fi Channel to avoid interference.pdf (581.16 KB)Download
How do I connect my Android device to my wireless network.pdf (639.49 KB)Download
How do I connect my Apple iPhone iPad to my wireless network.pdf (815.49 KB)Download
How do I connect my PC to a wireless network.pdf (1.15 MB)Download
How do I open ports in my modem.pdf (790.88 KB)Download
How do I refresh Wi-Fi connection on my computer.pdf (1.15 MB)Download
How do I secure my Wi-Fi network.pdf (587.1 KB)Download
How do I setup my modem using Browser.pdf (848.65 KB)Download
How to Open Ports in DSL-xxxT.pdf (346.07 KB)Download
How to Secure Wireless.pdf (173.42 KB)Download
How to upgrade firmware in DSL-xxx series router.pdf (1.35 MB)Download
My modems ADSL Light is NOT ON.pdf (321.28 KB)Download
TPG IPTV Setup Guide with DSL-G604T DSL-5xxT.pdf (180.03 KB)Download
What is my Wireless Password.pdf (635.04 KB)Download
What to do if I am having problems staying connected to WiFi.pdf (387.06 KB)Download
Why cant I log into my modem.pdf (516.56 KB)Download
How To Recover Router With Corrupted Firmware
How to Recover Router.zip (181.78 KB)Download
No SNMP Available.pdf (16.77 KB)Download
DSL-G604T GenII D-Link Click'n Connect v1.03.zip (32.3 MB)Download
Release Notes.txt (148)Download