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DIR-505 Release Notes

Hardware: A1/A2
Firmware: v1.09
Date: 23/06/2014

Problems Resolved:

1.Fixed HTTPS login issues.
2.Fixed unable to retrieve file list using SharePort Mobile.
3.Fixed channels 12 and 13 in EU domain using AP mode.

Hardware: A1/A2
Firmware: v1.08b7
Date: 14/04/2014

Problems Resolved:

1.Fixed Initial Setup Wizard issues
2.Fixed Wireless Setup Wizard issues
3.Fixed Daylight Saving function


1.Increase SharePort web access compatibility with browsers

Hardware: A1/A2
Firmware: v1.07b18
Date: 14/10/2013

Problems Resolved:

1. Disable DHCPd "Always Braodcast" option by default


1. Wireless Client connection time improvement
2. Security enhancements
3. Support new firmware query spec

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.06b05
Date: 18/12/2012

Problems Resolved:
1. Cannot connect to RootAP while using all security modes in Repeater/Hotspot modes
2. When setting SSID with sepcial characters via QRS Mobile, mDNS would crash
3. Added message to alert user when MAC address filtering is enabled it will siable WPS feature
4. Allow to delete users
5. Site Survey typo fixed
6. Factory Default changes to Setup Wizard
7. IE9 pop up fix for Creating Folders and UIploading Files

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.05b04
Date: 09/10/2012

Problems Resolved:
1. Remove 404 feature

1. Improve iOS 6 compatibility

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.03b01
Date: 14/09/2012

Problems Resolved:
1. Enhance bootup, wireless client can scan device SSID, but can't connect in Repeater mode
2. When connected to an iPad the Internet connection was not accessible
3. When an Android device is connected it was not given the correct IP address
4. When a PC is connected it could not update its IP adddress

1. Support http://dlinkrouter.local
2. Support AP, Repeater/Range Extender and Wi-Fi Hotspot mode in QRS Mobile app
3. Support DHCPd in repeater mode
4. Support http://shareport.local
5. Support extended Wi-Fi name/password in setup

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.03b01
Date: 15/06/2012

Problems Resolved:
1. Fixed LED status incorrect problem
2. Fixed long file name issue in SharePort Web Access

1. Enhanced DHCP Server response time
2. Enhanced DHCP interoperability under Repeater Mode
3. Enhanced an interoperability with public hotspot under HotSpot Mode


DIR-505 Firmware Release Notes

Firmware: v1.09b06
Hardware: A1/A2
Date: 23,Jun,2014

Problems Resolved:

1.Fixed it was unable to login when user enable HTTPS.
2.Fixed it was unable to retrieve file list using SharePort mobile.
3.Fixed it was not shown band 12, 13 in EU domain using AP mode.

DIR505A1 FW109B06.bin (7.5 MB)Download.

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DIR505A1 FW105B04.bin (7.5 MB)Download.

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