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DIR-300 - Release Notes



1. Improved Tomizone activation process.

Problems Resolved:

1. Fix BT crash issue.
2. Fix MSN, FTP, Telnet will be disconnected issue.
3. Fix syslog malfunction issue.
4. Fix the "Dyndns" malfunction issue in DDNS function.
5. Fix can't update DDNS status issue when auth failed in the first time after factory reset.
6. Fix the issue when using PPPoE with password which contains '$' or '%', router can't dial up successfully.
7. Fix issue when using PPPoE with username which contains '#'
8. Fix issue when Netmeeting software can't work through router.
9. Fix issue on "Wireless Wizard" page that input 13 characters can't work in WEP mode and show encryption of WEP-64bit.
10. Fix "PPPoE connect-on demand" issue.
11. Fix issue in "Sent By Mail" Function
12. Fix Wireless Enhance mode function failed.
13. Fix After disabling QoS and clicking apply, Enable QoS in Advanced->QoS page is still enabled.
14. Fix can't browse some web sites and the TiVO can't change the TV program list.
15. Fix Failed to reset WAN statistics when router is in PPPoE mode.
16. Fix the issues that PPTP crashes when MPPE is enabled.
17. Fix PPPoE Connect on Demand and Idletime issue that PPPoE failed in disconnect after the limit of idle time.
18. Fix UPnP can't work well issue.



- Updates to Tomizone Features


- Initial AU and NZ Release
- Incorporates Tomizone Hotspot Feature

dir300 v1.05 976h.bin (2.32 MB)Download

dir300 v1.04-tomi-1.1.2.bin (3.27 MB)Download

Other Documents
DIR-300 CDROM v1.01.nrg (91.74 MB)Download

No SNMP Available.pdf (16.77 KB)Download

Troubleshooting-Cannot access web configuration page on DIR-xxx.pdf (1.97 MB)Download

How to setup Port Forwarding in DIR-300.pdf (262.07 KB)Download

How to enable Wireless Security on DIR-xxx.pdf (1.16 MB)Download

DIR-Xbox Live Setup Guide.pdf (2.31 MB)Download

DIR-300-How to view your Wireless Password.pdf (734.67 KB)Download

DIR-300-How to update the firmware.pdf (601.54 KB)Download

DIR-300-How to setup Port Forwarding.pdf (1.04 MB)Download

DIR-300-How to login to the Web Configuration.pdf (1022.55 KB)Download

DIR-300-How to factory reset.pdf (182.76 KB)Download

DIR-300-Applying WPA-PSK Encryption.pdf (646.23 KB)Download

DIR-300-Applying WEP Encryption.pdf (748 KB)Download

DIR-300 ScreenCaptures fw 1.00.pdf (3.94 MB)Download

DIR-300 A1 QIG v2.00.pdf (1.27 MB)Download

DIR-300 B1 Manual v2.01.pdf (12.88 MB)Download

No Drivers Required.pdf (16.73 KB)Download

No Drivers Available.pdf (16.76 KB)Download