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Download direct: http://files.dlink.com.au/products/DCS-933L
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DCS-933L Firmware Release Notes

**Note: a factory reset is recommended after upgrading to ensure correct configuration is applied**

Upgrading Instructions
Follow the steps below to upgrade the firmware:
1. Download the latest firmware file from the D-Link website. The file is in .bin file format.
2. Login to the camera web UI and enter setup/Maintenance/Firmware upgrade
3. Click Browse´┐Ż and specify the firmware file.
3. Click Upgrade. The camera starts to upgrade and will reboot automatically when the upgrade completes.

Hardware: Rev. A1, A2
Firmware: V1.14.11
Date: 22/02/2017

New Features
1. mydlink agent - upgrade mydlink agent to 2.1.0-b43
2. Update default time and date settings
3. Update ActiveX control and Java applet
4. Support mydlink UID mechanism
5. Update OpenSSL
6. Update mDNSResponder
7. Add authentication to CGI/config/stream_info.cgi
8. Offer the password validtion on console port

Problems Fixed
1. Fixed issue where camera might fail to establish PPOE connection if PPP discovery phase fails
2. Fixed some vulnerabilites

Hardware: Rev. A1, A2
Firmware: V1.13.05
Date: 18/01/2016

New Features
1. mydlink agent - upgrade mydlink agent to 2.0.20-b10
2. Remove the Direct Mode function
3. Upgrade OpenSSL library

Hardware: Rev. A1, A2
Firmware: V1.12.03
Date: 1/10/2015

New Features
1. mydlink agent - upgrade mydlink agent to 2.0.19-b73 to fix the issue of unstable remote connections