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M15 A1 Manual v1.03(WW).pdf (9.06 MB)Download.

M15A1 FW120

M15 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.20
Date: 23/04/2024

Problems Resolved: - N/A
Enhancements - Enhance security.
Known issues - This firmware version cannot be downgraded to previous versions.

M15A1 FW120B01.bin (28.49 MB)Download.

M15A1 FW110

M15 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.10
Date: 05/01/2024

1. Fix 5G channel setting and restart issues
2. Fix 2.4G SSID issue
3. Fix connection issue over extender mode in 2.4G

M15A1 FW110B01.bin (28.48 MB)Download.

M15A1 FW109

M15 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.09
Date: 31/10/2023

1. SIP phone connection issue
2. PPPoE connection issue

1. Improve Wi-Fi performance when using extender mode
2. Improve FW upgrade process
3. Improve Wi-Fi Stability on Mesh network
4. Improve add-on Mesh node process via WPS
5. Improve network topology on the management page

M15A1 FW109B03.bin (28.48 MB)Download.

M15A1 FW108 Hotfix

M15 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.08
Date: 02/05/2023

- Vulnerability security patch

M15A1 FW108B02 beta.bin (28.47 MB)Download.

M15A1 FW108

M15 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.08
Date: 22/08/2023

1. Resolve security issues
2. SIP phone connection issue

1. ETSI EN303645 compatible
2. Improve Mesh stability

M15A1 FW108B05.bin (28.48 MB)Download.

M15A1 FW107

M15 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.07
Date: 28/11/2022

1. Resolve volunerability issue
2. Resolve issues over IPv6
3. Improve connection stability with specific Android devices

1. Improve Guest Zone behavior when mesh network is enabled
2. Improve Auto channel selection over Wi-Fi
3. Improve Mesh stability
4. Improve Mesh Roaming

M15A1 FW107B01.bin (28.7 MB)Download.

M15A1 FW106

M15 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.06
Date: 26/08/2022


1. Resolve issue with WLAN key length
2. Resolve connectivity with non-AI series products
3. Resolve interoperability on 5GHz
4. Resolve connectivity under VLAN
5. Resolve IPTV disconnection under bridge mode
6. Resolve Wi-Fi speed drop
7. Resolve random device reboot
8. Resolve IP conflict issue on IPv4 environment
9. Resolve streaming issue when using VLC
10. Resolve backhaul disconnection among mesh points
11. Resolve internet interruption after enabling Triple Play
12. Resolve error in SSID broadcasting

1. Improve Mesh stability and Wi-Fi cannel selection
2. Improve client list display under Bridge Mode
3. Improve Parental Control with Youtube and Internet access
4. Improve installation process on GUI and App
5. Improve cloud account registration process
6. Improve Health Mode (Bedtime)
7. Improve Reset and WPS behavior
8. Improve firmware upgrade process
9. Support special characters configurating PPPoE network

M15A1 FW106B10.bin (28.48 MB)Download.

M15A1 FW105

M15 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.05
Date: 04/05/2022

1. Youtube block issue under Parental Control
2. Extender display issue under client list
3. Multicast streaming issue
4. Guest Wi-Fi disappear after disabling Wi-Fi connection
5. Reboot issue under heavy loading
6. Unable to disable DHCP issue

1. Improve Mesh stability
2. Improve Wi-Fi channel selection
3. Improve QoS
4. Improve Ai Traffic Optimiser
5. Improve VLAN profile
6. Improve WLAN/LAN device showed on client list with correct name/IP under each extender

M15A1 FW105B05.bin (28.43 MB)Download.

M15A1 FW103

M15 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.03
Date: 18/11/2021

- Display Mesh extender list
- QuickVPN connecting issue on iOS & Windows devices
- Connection issue via PPTP/L2TP

- IPv6 support on parental control mode
- Improve Mesh compatibility
- Improve FOTA procedure
- Support specific characters in PPPoE environment
- Improve Ai weekly report

M15A1 FW103B04.bin (29.11 MB)Download.