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DVA-2800 Firmware Release Notes

**PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recomended that you perform a factory reset and clear the browser cache after you update the Firmware.**

Date: 24/06/2019
Version: AU_2.27
Hardware: T1


1. GUI Improvement
2. Fix Guest Zone on 5 Ghz
3. LED behavior fine-tune
4. Fix Mac Clone issue
5. Remove Telenet/ SSH from GUI for security concerns
6. Enhance syslog content
7. Fix unable to create new folder in Samba

Date: 10/07/2018
Version: AU_2.22
Hardware: T1


1. TR-069 bug fixes and enhancements.
2. Improve Australian tone and flash hook times
3. Resolve VDSL Sync issue
4. Upgrade DSL driver version to G3_01.51.27"
5. Display error with client lists
6. Enable uPnP/ DLNA
7. Improve UPnP support with Xbox
8. Wi-Fi calling enhacement

Date: 17/01/2018
Version: AU_2.17
Hardware: T1


1. Supports Australian tone and flash hook times
2. Fixed Control list display issue on "Home" page.
3. Supports Reserve IP address list function in network menu
4. Support Wi-Fi Guest network
5. Added support for Whole Home Wi-Fi
6. Upgrade DSL driver version to: G3_01.51.05
7. DHCP Lease Time change to 21600s
8. String "VID" change to "VLAN ID" in Wizard
9. Fixed Disable DNS Relay button
10. Add ISP options in wizard when connected via Ethernet uplink
11. Added various ISP's to wizard and VoIP Profiles
12. Various TR-069 bug fixes and enhancements.

Date: 07/08/2017
Version: AU_2.07
Hardware: T1


1. Internet, VoIP and TR-069 setting enabled by default
2. Fixed Stun issue on VoIP
3. Add bridge and PPPoA option in wizard
4. Changes to TR-069 settings
5. Improve Failover WAN function
6. Improved Static DNS setting
7. Added support for port range in Virtual Server
8. Remove https protocol to solve Poodle issue
9. Improved GUi when reserving IP addresses
10. GUI layout changes to some menus

Date: 02/05/2017
Version: AU_2.00
Hardware: T1


1. Enhance VDSL throughput speeds
2. Add additional ISP settings for VoIP
3. Fix DDNS feature
4. Change reset button timings
5. GUI layout changes to some menus

Firmware AU 2.27
DVA-2800 AU 2.27.zip (26.03 MB)Download

Firmware AU 2.22
DVA-2800 AU 2.22-Image-all.bin (25.89 MB)Download

Firmware AU 2.17
DVA-2800 AU 2.17-Image-all.bin (25.9 MB)Download

Firmware AU 2.07
DVA-2800 AU 2.07-Image-all.bin (26.49 MB)Download

Firmware AU 2.00
DVA-2800 AU 2.00-Image-all.bin (26.5 MB)Download