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SharePortPlus V440R1 Mac.dmg (26.83 MB)Download

SharePort Plus Ver450R1.zip (26.94 MB)Download

SharePort Plus Utility Release Notes

Firmware: v4.50
Date: 02/10-2015

Problems Resolved:

1. Support Windows OS 10 version.
2. Update Digital Signature

Known Issues:
Windows 10 cannot display all characters in the long balloon help message near the bottom right of the task tray


Firmware: v4.30
Date: 2014/12/30

Problems Resolved:

1. Support Windows OS 8.1 version.

Known Issues:

SharePort Plus for Mac OS X Release Notes

Version: 4.40R1

Supports Mac OS 10.8/10.9

Version: 4.30R1

Supports Mac OS 10.6/10.7

No SNMP Available.pdf (22.99 KB)Download

What is my Wi-Fi Password.pdf (391.12 KB)Download

How do I update firmware in my modem.pdf (468.58 KB)Download

How do I setup my modem.pdf (724.83 KB)Download

How do I secure my Wi-Fi network.pdf (424.93 KB)Download

How do I open ports in my modem.pdf (625.38 KB)Download

How do I configure my modem for IPTV.pdf (709.6 KB)Download

How do I change ADSL Username or Password settings in my modem.pdf (532.38 KB)Download

How do I access my modems configuration pages.pdf (604.22 KB)Download

DSL-2900AL screenshots 1.00.09.pdf (1.86 MB)Download

DSL-2900AL A1 QIG v1.00(AU).pdf (1.15 MB)Download

DSL-2900AL A1 Manual 01(AU).pdf (20.22 MB)Download

Firmware AU 1.01.00 20160905

DSL-2900AL Firmware Release Notes

Date: 5/09/2016
Version: AU_1.01.00
Hardware: A1

New Features:

1. Update mydlink agent
2. Update openssl version
3. Implement mydlink unique ID
4. Support self generated HTTPS certificate

DSL2900AL AU 1.01.00 20160905.bin (16.66 MB)Download

Firmware AU 1.00.26 20160426

DSL-2900AL Firmware Release Notes

Date: 26/04/2016
Version: AU_1.00.26
Hardware: A1

New Features:

1. Add enable/disable WPS button in the web UI

DSL2900AL AU 1.00.26 20160426.bin (16.3 MB)Download

Firmware AU 1.00.25 20160329

DSL-2900AL Firmware Release Notes

Date: 29/03/2016
Version: AU_1.00.25
Hardware: A1

New Features:

1. Add WAN ping enable/disable function.
2. Update mydlink agent
3. Change session/login timeout to 300 secs
4. Remove the TLS/SSL weak cipher algorithms

DSL2900AL AU 1.00.25 20160329.bin (16.3 MB)Download

Firmware AU 1.00.23 20160204

DSL-2900AL Firmware Release Notes

Date: 02/04/2016
Version: AU_1.00.23
Hardware: A1

New Features:

1. Add support for Whole Home Wi-Fi

** Whole Home Wi-Fi is only applicable when used with a Whole Home Wi-Fi capable Range Extender.
For more information see http://www.dlink.com.au/wholehomewifi

DSL2900AL AU 1.00.23 20160204.bin (16.19 MB)Download

Firmware AU 1.00.17 20150508

DSL-2900AL Firmware Release Notes

Date: 08/05/2015
Version: AU_1.00.17
Hardware: A1

New Features:

1. Add QuickVPN Client mode
2. Add QuickVPN connection list / status page
3. OpenDNS Parental Control integration


1. Update mydlink agent for better security
2. Update openssl version
3. Enhance VPN authentication types and selection process
4. Support PPTP and L2TP for QuickVPN
5. Added more interface support for Static Routes
6. Increase the character limit to 254 for the VPN client/ server fields
7. Change the field name from PPTP/L2TP IP Address to PPTP/L2TP Domain or IP Address
8. Change the menu from Advanced to Features
9. Change UPnP friendly name from 'Wireless Broadband Router' to 'D-Link DSL-2900AL'

Bug Fixes:

1. Correct wording in some error messages
2. Fix Web File Access issues. Relating to Failure to delete files, upload files and add directories
3. After registering with mydlink and rebooting the DSL-2900AL, the SharePort Web Access is not accessible via HTTPS
4. System Reboot Looping issue with Broadcom 802.11ac module and QoS feature enabled
5. Fix several HNAP security issues
6. Fix LLC encapsulation is not applied correctly via Setup Wizard process and it will remain VC-MUX.
7. Browser Compatibility: Unable to disable the 20/40 coexistence function for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi via IE and Firefox
8. Management > Statistics: The clear button does not work properly. Statistics of 2.4G/5G can not be reset to zero

Known Issues:

1. When setting up OpenDNS Parental Control, the last step after configuring your account may return a 404 error. The workaround is to change the URL in the address bar by substituting the word signup for www it will then redirect to the correct management page for your OpenDNS account.
2. If the QuickVPN doesnt authenticate properly it may require you to Factory Reset your DSL-2900AL in order for it to load the correct QuickVPN modules.

DSL2900AL AU 1.00.17 20150508.bin (15.81 MB)Download

Firmware AU 1.00.12 20141223

DSL-2900AL Firmware Release Notes

Date: 23/12/2014
Version: AU_1.00.12
Hardware: A1

New Features:

1. Add Quick VPN feature (L2TP)
2. Add Remote SharePort Web Access option (accessible remotely via port 8181 when enabled)


1. Add new USB Driver to support increased throughput for NTFS formatted USB storage
2. Connected Clients: Modify "Name" to "Nickname" and added "Device Name" to display the hostname
3. Add warning message when DHCP IP range conflicts with LAN IP
4. Add support for no-ip.com as a Dynamic DNS provider
5. Add Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) options to Wi-Fi section
6. correct IPv4 rules when user inputs the incorrect format

Bug Fixes:

1. Fix NTP server so that it syncs with the correct date details
2. Fix error when configuring ATM settings
3. Fix crash with VPN passthrough for 256bit VPN connections
4. Send the PADT packet after rebooting
5. Fix error on SharePort page
6. Fix missing image in Setup Wizard
7. Fix diagram display at the completion of the Setup Wizard

DSL2900AL AU 1.00.12 20141223.bin (15.77 MB)Download

Firmware AU 1.00.09 20141017

DSL-2900AL Firmware Release Notes

Date: 17/10/2014
Version: AU_1.00.09
Hardware: A1


1. Fix typos and remove redundant information in Setup Wizard

Bug Fixes:

1. IE and Firefox can now change the settings under Settings -> Internet -> ATM
2. Fix Setup Wizard flow
3. Fix for some connetion types not automatically connecting after completing the Setup Wizard
4. Fix bug with Daylight Savings
5. Fix bug with PPPoE/PPPoA reconnection and idle timeout
6. Fix bug with WAN Autodetect
7. Fix bug with Annex M synchronisation
8. Fix Encapsualtion error in web UI
9. Fix WLAN button operation

DSL2900AL AU 1.00.09 20141017.bin (13.9 MB)Download

Firmware AU 1.00.06 20140822

DSL-2900AL Firmware Release Notes

Date: 22/08/2014
Version: AU_1.00.06
Hardware: A1

- Initial Release

DSL2900AL AU 1.00.06 20140822.bin (13.9 MB)Download