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D-Link Australia & New Zealand Support Resources
Download direct: http://files.dlink.com.au/products/DIR-882
No SNMP Available.pdf (22.99 KB)Download.

D-Link DIR-882 FAQ Ver1.1.pdf (4.3 MB)Download.

No ScreenCaptures Available.pdf (22.91 KB)Download.

DIR-882 A1 QIG v1.00(DI) 130x183.pdf (317.07 KB)Download.

DIR-882 A1 Manual V1.00(DI).pdf (9.85 MB)Download.

DIR-882A1 FW1.30

DIR-882 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.30
Date: 02/02/2020

1. Improve interoperability with specific wireless client when SmartConnect is enabled.
2. Fixed scheduling issue within Guest Network.

1. Support WPA3
2. Support ISP profile in the Wizard for Australia/ New Zealand within D-Link Wi-Fi App

DIR882A1 FW130B06.bin (12.93 MB)Download.

DIR-882A1 FW1.20

DIR-882 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.20
Date: 16/05/2019

1. QuickVPN dialing issue on iOS when SPI is enabled
2. Resolve IPTV interoperability with certain carrier settings
3. Resolve DHCPv6 long lease period issue

DIR 882 FW120B06.zip (13.13 MB)Download.

DIR-882A1 FW1.11

DIR-882 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.11
Date: 27/03/2018

1. Improve interoperability with game console
2. Improve interoperability with VDSL modems
3. Usability improvement on D-Link Wi-Fi APP

DIR882A1 FW1.11B01.zip (12.66 MB)Download.

DIR-882A1 FW1.04 1.10

DIR-882 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.04 + v1.10
Date: 27/03/2018

Manual Firmware upgrade instruction
- please download firmware v1.04
- Log in the the device web interface by type in or http://dlinkrouter.local./
- Under "Management", go to the "Firmware Upgrade", upload the firmware v.1.04 and wait for the device to reboot.
- Log in the device web interface again as step 2
- You can either upload firmware v.1.10 maunally or you can tap on "Check on New Firmware" where it would detect the latest firmware for you to upgrade automatically. Wait for the device to reboot.

1. WPA2 security patch

1. Support D-Link Wi-Fi APP
** D-Link Wi-Fi APP is the next generation of current QRS mobile APP, please use D-Link Wi-Fi to setup or manage your DIR-878 after firmware v.1.10 or later.

DIR882A1 FW110B02.zip (12.66 MB)Download.

DIR882A1 FW104B02 Middleware.zip (12.65 MB)Download.

DIR-882A1 FW1.02

DIR-882 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.02
Date: 18/09/2017

PLEASE NOTE: It is recomended that you perform a factory reset after you update the Firmware.


1. Added Whole Home Wi-Fi support.
For more details. Please see www.dlink.com.au/whw

When using in a Whole Home Wi-Fi environment with a Whole Home Wi-Fi Range Extender:
- Pair your Router with you Range Extender using WPS
- Allow the devices to pair (indicated by a solid green light on the Range Extender) and leave them for roughly 1-2 minutes
- During this time, the Range Extender should reboot itself and when it comes back, it will connect again to the Router, but this time it will have cloned the Wi-Fi details.

DIR882A1 FW102B02.zip (12.32 MB)Download.

DIR-882A1 FW1.01

DIR-882 Firmware Release Notes

Hardware: A1
Firmware: v1.01
Date: 18/08/2017


1. Fixed WAN performance when using a VLAN
2. Improved DLNA and UPnP performance
3. Improved log schedule
4. Endurance improved
5. MU-MIMO performance improved
6. USB performance improved

DIR882A1 FW101B02.zip (12.05 MB)Download.

No Drivers Required.pdf (22.6 KB)Download.